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Customer Success Story

Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant, Switzerland

Hitachi Energy's compact and fully integrated GCB for clean energy production

Hitachi Energy supplied six generator circuit-breakers (GCBs) as well as six 175 MVA, power transformers to Nant de Drance, one of the largest pumped storage power plants in Switzerland.

With its storage of up to 2,500 million kilowatt hours per year, Nant de Drance power plant significantly contributes to secure the country's electricity supply. 

The customized GCB system is installed in the power plant to protect key equipment and increase overall plant safety and availability. Hitachi Energy’s HECPS-3S is a unique solution for pumped storage power plants that integrates key functionalities while adapting to customer requirements (chamber interchangeability) and to altitude constrictions (1,800 m). 
Equipped with the innovative GMS600 monitoring system to enable preventive and predictive maintenance. Data is accessible at anytime from anywhere via the Internet to enable an effective lifetime management.

Main data
Year of installation 2015 - 2019
System type HECPS-3S
Maximum operating voltage 17.3 kV
Nominal operating current 7,500 A
Rated frequency 50 Hz
Short-circuit current
100 kA