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Customer Success Story

Reliable power supply for a booming area in Switzerland

Hitachi Energy protection and control equipment for 50 kV/13.6 kV systems substation Raurica for EBL

The development zone Salina Raurica, in which a new city district is being built, is located in the northern municipality of Pratteln, Switzerland. Here, the Swiss retailer Coop is constructing its new manufacturing center with the goal of finishing it in 2017. The center will employ up to 600 people making chocolate products, among other things.

The Raurica substation was designed and constructed in order to provide this city district with sufficient power capacity. The secondary equipment of this substation is based on a simple and robust station control system using IEC 61850 communication.


Customer feedback

“We would like to thank the Hitachi Energy project team for their professional work and competent handling of the interfaces between the primary and secondary equipment.“ Bernhard Pfeiffer (BKW) „Close and efficient cooperation between EBL, BKW and Hitachi Energy during the engineering and commissioning stages made it possible to implement the project to our complete satisfaction.“
Thomas Wenger (EBL)



The Raurica substation was built by the main contractor BKW for the Elektra Baselland (EBL) cooperative. Hitachi Energy Grid Automation was responsible for delivering the secondary equipment and connecting the substation to the network control center of EBL in Liestal. The Smart Distribution Automation team of Hitachi Energy Grid Automation acted as a systems integrator during the engineering, testing and commissioning of all the protection and control equipment. This also included the integration of the primary equipment of Hitachi Energy Sécheron with the medium-voltage system and the Alstom 50 kV substation. The Smart Distribution Automation team completed this task completely and to the satisfaction of the main contractor and EBL. The substation was commissioned on schedule.

System overview of Raurica substation

System overview of Raurica substation

Our solution

Hitachi Energy has delivered protection and control equipment for 50 kV as well as 13.6 kV systems. Using the FOX515 communication device and RTU560 as SA system, the substation was connected to the control center of EBL. Local control at the substation is enforced via RTU560 using a web-browser HMI. The secondary equipment is based on a simple and robust station control system using IEC 61850 communication. All the protection and control functions are performed via the Relion© family of devices. In these devices, step switch control as well as busbar protection are also integrated with directional logic. Hitachi Energy, its client EBL and the main contractor BKW began cooperating as early as the engineering stage. This cooperation was successfully continued during the commissioning as well.

Cooperation between all partners

Productive and unusually close cooperation was always possible between the project teams of the partners. The commissioning took place exactly according to schedule. Our engineers were on site during the entire commissioning process, and the system was fully tested. These tests were also used for practice-oriented training.

Station Level
RTU560 Remote Terminal Unit
AFS675 Managed Ethernet Switch
FOX515 Fiber optical communication
Field level  
REC670 Field control device
RED670 Differential line protection device
RET670 Transformer protection device
REF630 Field control and protection device
REG-D Voltage control