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Grid Automation Service product overview

Along with our six service modules we also provide tailor-madeservice agreements and products that can be designed and dedicated to their specific requirements. Simply select the service requirements that meet the needs of our customers.

Our offering

Our experience in designing, supplying and building utility networks is unmatched, and that experience can be brought to bear to support the installation and commissioning of your project.

Our decades of experience building and maintaining utility networks ensures we’re always ready to help customers take advantage of our accumulated skills.


We offer training courses to develop your in-house capabilities. Achieve greater levels of self-reliance and maintenance with a package that improves your own team’s capability.

Designed to support your decision making process, so you make choices that maximize availability and reduce the risks associated with operating and maintaining your systems.

Guaranteed fast and flexible service response to maximize your equipment availability.

Extensions & upgrades

Upgrade to the next generation of hardware and software to extend the life of software, products and systems.

Reduce downtime and maximize the performance of your equipment through remote and field services.

Lifecycle management service to provide effective maintenance, migration and obsolescence planning.

Physical wear and tear take their toll on the most-robust equipment. Eventual repairs are an inevitable part of routine maintenance.

When equipment has reached the end of its operational lifetime, or when additional features are needed, then replacement equipment can be required.

We provide the latest software and firmware upgrade recommendations so that you can preserve the availability, cyber security and functional interoperability of your systems.

We continually strive for technological advancement. When efficiency and productivity can be improved, we’ll recommend the right changes for you.

Ensure the integrity and availability of critical data, no matter what has happened to the original.

We assess, assist and provide expert diagnoses and lifecycle assessment with an Hitachi Energy asset inventory.


System-wide, role-based user account management software as a service.

We establish the necessary levels of cyber security while preserving the availability and functional interoperability of your systems.

Keep your system updated and protected with validated updates and verified third-party files.

We will monitor your operations in real time and support operators in taking corrective action in the event of any disturbance or fault.

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