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Hitachi Dolwin5 , Emden, Germany
Foto Jonas Bilberg
Customer Success Story

Marinus Link

Hitachi Energy’s power transmission technology will unlock Tasmania’s world-class wind and hydro storage resources to deliver affordable and reliable clean energy for Australians

Pioneering HVDC Light® technology will enable power transmission between mainland Australia and Tasmania

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC (Hight Voltage Direct Current) power transmission technology is going to enable the flow of renewable power in both directions between the Victorian and Tasmanian states.

Marinus Link will have a capacity of 750 megawatts (MW) and consist of one HVDC symmetrical monopole link, able to transmitt 750 megawatts (MW) of energy, over approximately 345-kilometer cable route.

Hitachi Energy will supply its HVDC Light® voltage source converter (VSC) stations and HVDC Light’s defining features include uniquely compact converter stations and exceptionally low electrical losses.

Hitachi Energy’s HVDC solution combines world-leading expertise in HVDC converter valves; the MACH™ digital control platform, converter power transformers and high-voltage switchgear; as well as system studies, design and engineering, supply, installation supervision and commissioning.

Main data
Commissioning year: 2030
Configuration: Symmetrical monopole
Power transmitted: 750 MW
Direct voltage: ±320 kV
Application: Interconnecting grids