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Your responsibilities:

按照生产作业指导书以及工艺文件等相关要求进行生产操作,保证装配产品的质量Conduct production operations in accordance with relevant requirements such as production operation instructions and process documents to ensure the quality of assembled products

按照生产计划准时完成生产任务,保证生产效率,对产品质量和劳动安全负责Complete production tasks on time according to production plans, ensure production efficiency, and be responsible for product quality and labor safety

严格遵守公司的安全规章制度、设备操作规程及其它相关制度,按规定穿戴防护用品Strictly abide by the company's safety rules and regulations, equipment operating procedures, and other relevant systems, and wear protective equipment as required

认真参加岗位的各种培训并取得相应的资质证书Earnestly participate in various post training and obtain corresponding qualification certificates

工作中发现零件,图纸,装配或设备等问题应及时通知相关人员以采取纠正和预防措施If problems are found with parts, drawings, assembly, or equipment during work, relevant personnel should be promptly notified to take corrective and preventive measures

乐于与同事分享知识和经验,诚实、认真、负责地和团队合作,共同提高产品生产质量Willing to share knowledge and experience with colleagues, honest, serious, responsible and team work to jointly improve product production quality

坚持贯彻 "5S" 活动,创造并保持良好的工作环境Adhere to the implementation of "5S" activities, create and maintain a good working environment

完成上级交办的其他事项Complete other tasks assigned by superiors

Your background:

理工科专业中专及技校Technical secondary schools and technical schools for science and engineering majors

1年以上互感器生产操作工作经验者;At least 1 year working experience in transformer production and operation;

有良好的协调、沟通能力,有钳工、电工维修基础者优先;具备岗位相关的质量、环境和安全相关知识。Good coordination and communication skills, basic knowledge of bench work and electrician maintenance is preferred; Knowledge of quality, environment, and safety related to the job.

流利的普通话和良好的交流沟通能力。Fluent Mandarin and good communication skills.

会使用office办公软件, Fluent Mandarin and good communication skills.

身体健康;工作认真细致、责任心强、有上进心、有很好团队合作意识和安全意识,学习能力强。good health; Careful and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated, with a good sense of teamwork and safety, and strong learning ability.

Sede Suqian, Jiangsu, China
Tipo di lavoro Full time
Esperienza Experienced
Funzione lavorativa Production & Skilled Trades
Contratto Regular
Data di pubblicazione 2024-05-10
Numero di riferimento R0044839

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