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For protection and control of power transformers and reactors ABB offers a range of devices suitable for any environment. The IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices) offer fast and selective protection to step-up transformers, two-winding and three winding as well as special railway transformers.

ABB’s transformer protection range is part of the Relion product family, incorporating the core values of IEC61850 and showcasing ABB’s leading-edge technology and application experience.

The RET670/650 IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Device) provide fast and selective protection, monitoring and control for all types of transformers, such as two and three-winding transformers, step-up transformers in power stations and special railway transformers.

In addition, RET670 offers state-of-the-art protection for autotransformers, phase shifting transformers and shunt reactors including apparatus control. With up to six three phase restraint current inputs into differential protection, it allows for multi-breaker substation arrangements on any transformer side. The advanced RET670 and RET650 communication capabilities allow you to integrate these IEDs into your substation automation system or use them as stand-alone multifunctional units.

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