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Expert Support

As a part of a service agreement, Hitachi ABB experts can support you when equipment unexpectedly fails to restore the equipment functionality complemented with identification of the root cause of the failure within the frame of a 4Q process. Systematic application of the 4Q process to collect the information enabling identification of the root cause can be carried out by Hitachi ABB people. Hitachi ABB can further offer regular analysis of the RCM implementation to identify improvement areas and define an improvement plan.

Support package benefits includes:

  • Access to Hitachi ABB maintenance specialists and decades of product and service know-how and experience;
  • Faster power restoration and systematic troubleshooting and root cause identification;
  • Comparison of electrical system extension scenarios to meet the most recent changes and future upgrade plans using your custom defined decision criteria.


24/7 remote technical expertise

24/7 hotline to access substation experts for troubleshooting and diagnostic interpretation.

Rapid response corrective maintenance

Agreed response time to mobilize certified partner on-site to gather information and take immediate action under Hitachi ABB guidance Hitachi ABB service specialist on-site to design risk mitigation plan and launch corrective actions.

Embedded continuous improvement process

Root cause analysis after each failure based on 4Q process: measure, analysis, improve, and sustain.

Yearly update of maintenance policies and safe work method statements based on systematic application of lessons learned.