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Transformer and insulation components

The world's broadest and most reliable portfolio of transformers components and insulation

TATA Steel in Thailand moves closer to its vision of zero failures

The TXpertTM Enabled power transformers from Hitachi Energy are expected to result in a 60% drop in downtime and 35% longer life expectancy at TATA Steel’s Thailand manufacturing sites

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The world’s broadest portfolio of safe & reliable transformer components

Transformers are essential parts of our electric power infrastructure - and transformer components such as bushings, tap-changers, insulation and accessories are essential parts of transformers, ensuring they operate reliably and safely.

We are continually addressing major technology trends and market challenges in the transformer industry with innovative products that meet or surpass the demanding requirements of today's transformer customers. As a leading component manufacturer, Hitachi Energy is active in research and development of competitive products that improve equipment safety, power reliability and efficiency - while at the same time minimizing environmental impact.

We offer the broadest range of products and services to original equipment manufacturers and distributors for power and distribution transformers. From replacements to upgrades, and mechanical to digital, we have been the supplier of choice for over 100 years by meeting the diverse needs of an evolving industry.

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Transformer insulation and components


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