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UNEM - Network Management System

Keeping your complete XMC20 network under control

A reliable & flexible communication network lies at the heart of successful electrical grid operations. A comprehensive management system can ensure this reliability and flexibility by providing accurate real-time status information, the ability to analyze network disturbances quickly and fast reconfiguration of routes as required.

Cost-efficient and user-friendly network management applications reducing operational failures play a vital role within the organization of a network.

UNEM, the network management system for the multi-service access platforms XMC20 and UMUX provides all the means to manage the access network cost-efficiently and in a convenient manner.

It provides a user-friendly, easy-to-use management system with the following highlights:

  • Ability to manage both TDM and packet networks
  • Smooth end-to-end provisioning of services
  • Monitoring of the network both on the network element level and service level
  • Ability to monitor third-party network elements
  • Secure connection to high-level operations support systems through the northbound interface
  • Fair life cycle plan that allows customers to ensure network stability and to stay with each release for a reasonable time period with full support
  • Backward compatibility for different platform software releases
  • Ability to support different network elements

The solution allows end-to-end service provisioning for both TDM and packet networks, with an enhanced view to implemented tunnels. It also supports advanced configurations including protection mechanisms that allow full redundancy of the network.