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RXEDK/RAEDK - Time-over/undervoltage relay and protection assemblies

RXEDK 2H is a microprocessor based time-over/undervoltage relay with two measuring stages, which are switchable for over- or undervoltage functions independently of each other.

Stage 1 is programmable for two different time functions; definite time characteristic and inverse time characteristic.

Stage 2 has a definite time characteristic, settable from 0 to 10 s.

RXEDK 2H can be used in a number of different applications, such as; neutral point voltage-, overvoltage-, flash-over-, undervoltage- or stator earth-fault protection. The optional built in filters provide extended application possibilities. For example; A model measuring the third harmonic is available. Other frequencies of interest may also be quoted.

RXEDK/RAEDK - Time-over/undervoltage relay and protection assemblies
  • Wide setting ranges in two measuring stages
  • Built in operating time delays for both stages
  • Over- and undervoltage setting selectable for both stages
  • Allows setting close to maximum service values due to high resetting ratio
  • Available with optional filters for different frequency response
  • Low burden 
RXEDK/RAEDK - Time-over/undervoltage relay

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