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RXVK / RAVK - Thermal overcurrent relay and protection assemblies

Thermal overcurrent relays RXVK 2H/RAVK effectively prevents damage to conductors and insulation due to overloading and, at the same time, allow full utilization of the protected object. The relay may be used for motors, generators, transformers, filters, reactors, cables and overhead lines.

RXVK 2H/RAVK uses the thermal time constant of the protected object as a setting parameter. Time constants of 2 to 62 minutes can be set in steps of 2 minutes. The same time constant setting is used for heating and cooling.

Relay contact outputs are available for trip temperature, thermal trip and overcurrent trip functions. The overcurrent function can be delayed up to 5 seconds. Indications are available for In service, thermal content above 95 % and trip conditions.

Main Features:

  • Continuous settings for time and instantaneous functions
  • Wide setting ranges of scale constant, thermal basic current and overcurrent operate current
  • Thermal time constant programmable 2-62 min in steps of 2 min with the same time constants for heating and cooling
  • Available with optional filter for suppressing frequency dependence 40-2000 Hz 

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