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RXTUB - AC/DC voltage supply unit

The RXTUB 2 unit is used for supplying relays with required auxiliary DC voltage. The latest COMBIFLEX microprocessor relays use about 3 W of +- 24 V DC.

RXTUB 2 provides an alternative to the RXTUG 22H DC/DC converter when only an AC source is available or otherwise where the 5 kV insulation level is required.

RXTUB 2H consists of a transformer, a rectifier and smoothing circuits. It can be connected to input voltages 100, 110, 120 or 220 V AC, 50 and 60 Hz via the different input terminals to taps of the transformer. The unit is available in three variants, for output voltages +-12, +-18 and +-24 V. The inputs and outputs are galvanically separated.


  • 5 kV insulation level
  • Compact 2 seat design 

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