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AC bushings type RJ and LCRJ

Type RJ and LCRJ bushings are a robust stud-type design suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting. Similar to the Type A bushing, these bushings require little maintenance. Typical high current RJ and LCRJ bushings feature a conductive coating fired onto the external surface of the porcelain, resulting in limited corona at operating and test voltages. They are available in voltage ratings from 1 kV to 34.5 kV. Most bushings rated 600 amperes offer draw-lead conductors, which allow them to be removed from service without disturbing connections inside the equipment. Fixed conductor bushings are available in current ratings through 23,000 amperes.

Product scope:

Voltage: 1 - 34.5 kV
Current: ≤ 23,000 A
Technology: non-condenser

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