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Workshop repairs

Power transformers are among the most important components of electrical energy supply networks. In case of failure, the first action is to identify the type of failure. Being subject to mechanical, thermal, electrical stress and even accessory failures, it is important to quickly determine the root cause of failure.

Rehabilitation is another frequently used option, where equipment is taken to an authorized service workshop or directly into a temporary workshop at site for a full inspection, thorough cleaning and individual component analysis and replacement to match as new condition. The rehabilitated equipment undergoes complete testing and comes with a new warranty.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • With our base in the manufacture of power and industrial transformers, we can repair not only Hitachi Energy or legacy unit, but also perform reengineering of other makes for repair
  • Either using our TrafoStar technology or rewinded as per specification, our stringent processes and quality requirements, mean your transformer will be back in service in the minimum amount of time possible
  • In order to maximize your capital, tackle site constraints or any other reason, we can repair, refurbish or upgrade your unit based on your needs in a cost efficient manner

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