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Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization improves a portfolio’s operation by modeling detailed unit operating constraints and market conditions to provide a generation schedule for energy and ancillary services, fuel nominations, support the evaluation and pricing of potential short-term transactions, and facilitate the analysis and simulation of deterministic scenarios. It provides comprehensive modeling and excellent optimization capabilities, which enable generating companies to schedule resources, meet a wide range of operating and business constraints, minimize operating costs, and/or maximize profitability.

Portfolio Optimization globally optimizes thermal units, combined-cycle units, combined heat and power stations, independent and pump storage hydro units, cascaded hydro systems, and renewables in a single solution. The solution also optimizes a combined portfolio of supply resources (traditional generation) and demand response/ distributed generation assets modeled as virtual power plants (VPPs).

Key features:

  • Unit commitment and economic dispatch
  • Portfolio risk management and hedge analysis
  • Fuel management and consumption forecasting
  • Decision support for physical trading
  • Simulation scenarios
  • Post analysis
  • ISO/TSO bidding support

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