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RXMC - High speed relay

The RXMC 1 auxiliary relay supplements the RXMB 1 series by providing LED indications on all models. Versions with yellow or red LED's are available.

The RXMC 1 provides high-speed operation through the use of series resistors. One higher rated contact is available on two models through the use of two series connected internal contacts which offers about 30 % increased interruption capacity.

The RXMC 1 relay is available with contact configurations according to the earlier relay type RXMM 1. RXMC 1 may therefor be used when such contact configurations are needed e.g when replacing an earlier standard application.

Please note that the operating times differ and that the new RXMC 1 relay is faster both on pick-up and drop-out. Other operating requirements, such as an elevated pick-up level may be achieved using the RTXV.

Main Features:

  • Two auxiliary relay functions
  • Two or three normally open contacts each
  • Medium duty contacts
  • LED indication 

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