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RXMM - General purpose relay

RXMM 1 is used as position repeat relay, interposing relay in control equipment or as output relay in protective relays. The relay is space saving, with two coils, each with 3 contacts for applications where few contacts are needed. The relay is designed for dc supply. Two smaller type relays are included in RXMM 1. 

The relays are intended for installations where high operating requirements exist, on operating time, contact rating (heavy breaking duty) or else where normal relays of industrial type are not suitable. The relays are especially suitable in protection and control circuits. Models exist that are very suitable for high corrosive atmosphere or seismic areas.

Tripping, interblocking and multiplying functions are easily achieved with single relays or combinations of relays. Special requirements can be met by using different contact types, twin contacts, bridge contacts or dry-reed contacts

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