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RXBA - Fuse supervisory relay

RXBA 4 is a static, three-phase relay that detects fuse failures by comparing the voltages on both sides of the fuse in each phase. It detects single-, two- or three-phase fuse failures in less than 8 ms, and is used to block high-speed distance protection relay tripping in case of fuse failure.

RXBA 4 can also be used to block other protection relays where fuse failure will cause unnecessary tripping such as undervoltage relays, underimpedance relays, etc.

Main Features:

  • Detects failures on both main and pilot fuse groups
  • Can be used with miniature circuit breakers
  • Contact outputs for blocking and alarm of failures on main and pilot fuse group
  • Needs no auxiliary supply
  • LED indication of faulty fuse 

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