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AC bushings type GOE

GOE is an oil impregnated transformer bushing for oil-air application which is available in two designs. The classic GOE line of bushings is available for the entire voltage range from 52 to 1,200 kV. The GOE (2) line of bushings provides a lighter weight and more compact bushing for lower current ratings and is available for three specific voltage classes: 362, 420 and 550 kV. Maximum rated current for GOE is 5,000 A and for GOE (2) 1,600 A depending on size.

Both GOE and GOE (2) are equipped with a 20 kV test tap and the conductor arrangement can be either draw lead or draw rod type. GOE can be installed with an inclination of up to 60° (except GOE 1425) from the vertical without any special precautions, whereas GOE (2) is limited to 30° from the vertical. 


Product scope

  • Voltage: 52 - 1,200 kV
  • Current: ≤ 5,000 A
  • Technology: Oil impregnated paper (OIP) with porcelain insulator
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Product information  
Technical guide
1ZSE 2750-105
Installation and maintenance guide
2750 515-1
Mechanical design of bushings type GOE 2750 515-101
Rod gaps for bushings type GOE 2750 515-6
The condenser body of the GOE bushing 2750 515-102
General information  
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1ZSC 2750-119
Bushing diagnosis and conditioning 2750 515-142
Gaskets in Hitachi Energy oil-impregnated bushings 2152 4016-3

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