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Customer Success Story

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, China

Power quality solutions from Hitachi Energy installed in two undersea tunnels of the bridge

The ultra-large sea crossing Hong Kong - Zuhai - Macao bridge, passing through Lingding bay, is the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world. This bridge connects Hong Kong, Macao with Zuhai in Guangdong province. It is divided in 3 parts - offshore bridge, undersea tunnel and artificial islands.

Air ventilation is a critical system for the operation of the 6.7 km long tunnel, running at the depths up to 48 m undersea. For this, multiple jet fans are mounted on the tunnel roof, which handles airflow in the tunnel and exudes vehicle emissions. This ventilation system requires power quality solutions for effective functioning.

To address this demand, Hitachi Energy has installed open rack capacitor bank QBank and metal enclosed capacitor bank ABBACUS in two undersea substations, located in the East and West artificial islands respectively, to compensate reactive power for jet fans and other equipment in the electrical system of the subsea tunnel. These installations improve power efficiency and ensure high-quality power transmission and equipment up-time.

Main data
Year of installation 2017
Type of product Open rack capacitor bank QBank 
Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank (MECB) ABBACUS
Number of units 4 QBank + 2 MECB
Output capacity QBank: 9600 kvar + MECB: 1500 kvar
Voltage QBank: 10 kV, MECB: 6 kV
Frequency 50 Hz