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Supplementary insurance

The Hitachi Group Supplementary insurance Plan (SIP) provides occupational benefits and risk insurance (death and disability) for higher salary components which are not insured by the Hitachi Group Pension Fund (PF).

Share of the annual salary insured by the Hitachi Group Supplementary insurance Plan:

Investment strategies

The Hitachi Group Supplementary insurance Plan is managed as a 1e foundation. In 1e foundations, members can choose their investment strategy. The following five investment strategies are available to the members of the Hitachi Group Supplementary insurance Plan.

  • Money Market (100% money market)
  • Equities 20 (20% equities, 80% bonds)
  • Equities 40 (40% equities, 60% bonds)
  • Equities 60 (60% equities, 40% bonds)
  • Equities 80 (80% equities, 20% bonds)