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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 24-02-2020

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Maintenance release of Relion® 670 series version 2.2 (

RELEASE NOTE  1MRG037427 – FEBRUARY 20, 2020

A new revision of Relion 670 series version 2.2 has been released. The new revision designation of the 670 series is

The following has been corrected / improved in the new revision:

System and security related

  • Resolved critical vulnerabilities in the TCP/IP stack in VxWorks, commonly referred to as Urgent/11 vulnerabilities
  • Resolved Denial of Service vulnerability where IED reboots when crafted packets are sent to the IEC 61850-8-1 server
  • Resilience when communication client TCP window size goes to zero (During an active TCP connection session to the IED, the TCP window size goes to zero, the IED communication does not recover until a reboot is made. This is now solved and the IED server can handle TCP zero window connections.)
  • Improvements to time synchronization when using GTM module (The Initial blocking time of line differential protection in RED670 after a reboot is reduced when using GTM module and setting “DiffSync=GPS”)
  • Improvements to SFP supervision (Occasionally spurious alarms from the SFP modules were reported. A short filter is introduced to suppress these spurious alarms)

Recommendation to update

We recommend users who have faced issues mentioned in this release note to update to this release.

IED Connect support

Updating to the new firmware does not require any changes in the installed IED Connectivity Packages for Relion 670 series. The connectivity packages are available in PCM600 Update Manager.

Ordering and delivery

New orders placed on version 2.2 will be delivered with this latest revision The existing order stock as of today will be automatically updated to this new revision

If an earlier version/revision is required, a request shall be made to SA-T sales and an approved deviation shall be in place.

Procedures for ordering the firmware update

The IEDs are updated using Field Service Tool (FST). The tool automatically identifies the product version and installs correct firmware in accordance with the product version. Please follow the below procedure for ordering the FST.

  • Click here to access the FST ordering form
  • Fill in the requested data in the new form
  • Fill in the serial numbers of all IEDs to be updated

The FST package will be delivered to you by return. An instruction on how to use the tool and perform the update is included in the tool. If you have any questions related to this maintenance release, the Field Service Tool or the updating procedures, please contact SA-T Supportline.

Please note that it is extremely important that you report back to us via [email protected] when the update of the concerned IED has been completed. This information is needed to keep our product register updated and to ensure correct information to the right local ABB units in the future.

Kind regards,
Joseph Menezes, Global Product Manager