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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 13-05-2020

2 min read

Christian Zeidler – My Power Grids Story

"I am proud to be Power Grids because I am facilitating and shaping the future of digital power systems to provide environmentally-friendly and sustainable energy distribution to mankind."

"I am curious. I enjoy working towards a sustainable and affordable energy provision to every human being and industry on this planet. Changing needs of energy consumers, evolving eco-systems and environmental care are inspiring, motivating, and never boring.

The mixture of competencies needed to master the challenges and the cross-country teams are enriching. These provide me the motivation to feel and act as an ‘earth citizen.’ Being challenged by different starting conditions in the regions and striving together with like-minded people to deliver optimal power systems is a very satisfying team experience.

By combining the excellent mechanical and electrical competencies with digital engineering and operations and service opportunities, I do contribute to resource effective design and construction of power systems, sustainable operations by optimal utilization of the assets and free up the potential for integrating green energy for optimal provision of energy under continuously changing needs.

The combination of “Technology and productivity for a better world” and “Powering Good” unleashes the manifold opportunities to promote the basic need for electrical energy and to flourish our intensified commitment in caring for the earth, providing good sustainable solutions to the market, as we become one with Hitachi."