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MicroSCADA Pro upgrade

The importance of updating software to latest releases and fixing software bugs has grown dramatically. One of the main reasons is the increasing number of cyberattacks on IT infrastructures. Therefore, power utilities are facing growing amount of regulatory requirements to prevent these attacks and keeping the software up to date helps meet these requirements. Latest software versions are also required when the grids go through modernization, for example when building a digital substation.

"There are more than 4000 MicroSCADA Pro systems around the world running on older product versions than 9.4. This means there is work for us to do. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start selling upgrades!"

MicroSCADA Pro Service Agreement offer

To support you in selling we have lowered the pricing of MicroSCADA Pro Service Agreements. The model with “high” initial service agreement entry costs has been changed. The new model offers customers with a lower and more attractive entry point. You can offer the software upgrade and service agreement to a fixed annual cost throughout the service agreement period (more information in ppt slide 17).

Regular update or Care Agreement?

You can sell upgrades via regular upgrade where you offer the latest software and engineering work. This is simple and effective. You can also offer customer peace of mind with our Care agreement that include the MicroSCADA Pro Service Agreement. Customers can leave all the worrying about software, hardware, compatibility and security to us, and just focus on their business. With ABB’s long-term Care agreement you can offer tailored services to meet customer’s needs (more information in ppt slide 17).




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