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Announcing the release of System Data Manager SDM600 version 1.2 FP2

Release note 3VAC000189 – Oct, 2020

This release includes corrections for functional issues in SDM600 1.2.


This release includes new features and corrections for functional issues in SDM600 1.2. It is an accumulative release containing all changes since the 1.2 release as documented in this release note.  


It is recommended to upgrade all existing SDM600 1.2 installations to this SDM600 1.2 FP2.

Technical requirements and supported products

SDM600 is a generic application that supports a wide range of IEDs and other devices for its provided functionality. However, it cannot be ensured that the full functionality can be supported for all IEDs. The supported protocols and functionality is described in the product factsheet.

Please read all about this release in the release note.


Yours faithfully,
Michael Obrist, Global Product Manager

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