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e-mesh Solutions for Governmental Applications

Reliable, resilient and renewable energy anywhere anytime

From equipment and buildings on remote military bases to headquarters, power technology is crucial to operations. Getting power to the plug doesn’t have to be a concern with Hitachi Energy's technologies, even in situations where utility power supply is interrupted. You can be sure the power monitoring equipment onsite provides resiliency when it needs to and critical infrastructure stays online.

With more than 30 years of microgrid and battery energy storage solutions experience, Hitachi Energy offers a wide range of expertise to help government agencies meet mission-critical objectives. From engineering and implementing a microgrid to electrifying a military base or naval ship, our track record of innovation and experience with government applications makes Hitachi Energy your trusted partner.

Hitachi Energy has unmatched expertise in designing and building off-grid and grid-connected battery energy storage solutions. Our portfolio encompasses the full range of enabling technologies including conventional and renewable power generation, automation, grid stabilization, grid connection, energy storage, and intelligent control technology, as well as advisory services.

Key benefits:

  • Ensure reliable, stable and affordable power availability, wherever and whenever it is required
  • Distributed architecture enhances reliability and scalability for future system expansions
  • Achieving a secure and sustainable energy mix, together with energy efficiency and other low carbon options
  • Fulfill health, safety and environmental appropriateness
  • Maximizes fuel savings through the highest possible renewable integration
  • High power quality by stabilizing the power systems against fluctuations in voltage and control
  • Easy transportation, fast and safe installation and commissioning on-site
  • Efficiently manage, monitor and analyze your assets by cloud-based remote service

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