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Features 09-02-2024

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Embracing diversity as Emiratis take spotlight at Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy gathered Emirati professionals for an interactive session in Dubai. The gathering was a platform for connection, understanding, and exchange of perspectives, ensuring every employee felt valued and heard. It was a symbol of the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion - Diversity 360, with a significant number of Emirati women employees onboarded.

“As we welcome Emiratis into our team, we are expanding our workforce and embracing the vision of the UAE,” said Dr. Mostafa AlGuezeri, Managing Director, UAE & OC at Hitachi Energy. “By championing local talent, we are contributing to the nation’s vision of empowerment and prosperity. Each member strengthens our team, and our values of diversity and inclusion resonate with the aspirations of the United Arab Emirates.”

Diversity 360 is a priority at Hitachi Energy, and the session highlighted our culture of inclusivity. From engineering to project management, finance to operations, individuals from different fields and disciplines came together to explore new ideas and approaches. Participants delved into discussions that challenged assumptions and pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking.

“Our commitment to Diversity 360 is further enriched by the inclusion of Emirati women employees. We take pride in our growing community of Emirati colleagues. Everyone adds invaluable perspectives, enriching our diverse team,” said Birgit Gross, Head of HR Operations MEA, Hitachi Energy. “We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate and work together. We are proud to welcome Huriya Amer as the Emiratization Lead, driving forward our ambitions in diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Aligned with the company's Diversity 360 female acceleration leadership pillar, Hitachi Energy UAE is focused on gender diversity as part of this unique initiative and the organization takes pride in its efforts to increase Emirati representation. The organization takes pride in its efforts to increase the representation of Emiratis within its organization. As the company continues to champion diversity, equity and inclusion, events like these serve as reminders of the importance of creating spaces where every individual feels empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. In doing so, Hitachi Energy strengthens its organization and paves the way for innovation that creates lasting social, cultural and economic impact.

Together with customers and partners, Hitachi Energy is advancing a sustainable energy future for all. This future can only be realized when everyone has a seat at the table in an inclusive, collaborative culture.

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