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Product Release Mannheim, Germany 05-11-2018

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RTU500 series releases Central Account Management in 12.4


 Central Management of RTUs easier than ever

The release 12.4 provides outstanding functionality to manage your RTUs in an efficient and secure way. We proudly present Central Account Management functionality based on IEC 62351-8 standard.

Central Account Management enables RTU commissioning and field engineers to use personalized user accounts and remove group accounts with a shared password to manage the access to the RTUs. This is a key requirement when utility customer seek government certifications for their work processes and infrastructure. The Central Account Management is based in LDAP, the world’s most used account management standard.

New features and benefits

A number of new features are included in this release. The key features and their benefits are listed below:

  • Central user account management (CAM): the support of active directory server based on LDAP (IEC 62351-8) is supported by RTU500. For ABB offering SDM600 1.2 FP1 is available as LDAP server for CAM.
  • Support of standard roles according to IEC 62351-8
  • Support of customer defined roles
  • Local role to right mapping based on RTU password file
  • Configurable fall back solution: no fall back, redundant CAM server, RTU password file
  • Support of external Active directory server (LDAP, 3rd Party systems)
  •  IEC 60870-5-104 protocol (bi-directional communication, peer to peer): is now supported together with TLS 1.2 based on IEC 62351-3. Certificates based on X.509 are used (secure IEC 60870-5-104).
  •  MODBUS improvements:
  • Increase baud rate of serial MODBUS up to 115 kBaud
  • Reduce 25-30 ms delay on serial MODBUS to <= 10 ms
  • Reduce polling cycle of MODBUS TCP/IP down to 10 ms
  • Broadcast support for MODBUS SCI (Address 0)
  • Supports transparent data channel function (TDC) to speed up the PLC response time in Microgrid and BESS applications
  • Improved encryption for VPN: The following new hash algorithm are supported: SHA256, SHA384, SHA512
  • Improved cybersecurity by exclusively TLS1.2 support: RTU500 Webserver do not support any more TLS1.0/1.1 for webserver communication. TLS1.0/1.1 are no more secure from cybersecurity point of view.
  • Automatic logout for integrated HMI: Automatic logout based on inactivity can be enabled and configured in RTUtil500 for the integrated HMI
  • SINAUT host and sub device communication: The SINAUT protocol is now supported for the following CMU types: 540CID01, 540CMD01 and 560CMR02
  • Speed up of disturbance file up load: RTU500 support the fast transmission of disturbance file to SCADA system. During tests it was possible to collect up to 40 disturbance files from different IED's within 90 seconds and transmit to SCADA. The SCADA system uses this information together with the network model to detect fault locations and investigate power quality issues.
  • Alarm blocking based on local signals: During RTU engineering blocking groups for monitoring direction can be defined. Block/enable of the groups is possible by local signals (key switch, PLC logic). Engineering complexity is reduced dramatically.
  • DNP3 Queue monitoring: RTU500 is monitoring the filling state of the DNP3 queue. In case of overstepping a configurable filling state (e.g. 80%) a system event is generated.
  • Configurable TCP/IP port for IEC104 secure (IEC 62351-3): RTU500 supports now a configurable port number for IEC870-5-104 secure based on IEC 62351-3 (TLS) in case SCADA system do not follow the requirements of the standard.
  • Indactic 33 protocol in Rel. 12 is now supported by the new CMU platform (540CID01, 540CMD01 and 560CMR02). Existing RTU installations can now be migrated to Rel. 12

Technical requirements and supported products

This Release is supported by the RTU500 series with the product lines RTU560, RTU540 and RTU520.


Following documentation is available for download:

  • Updated Cybersecurity deployment guide
  • Updated MODBUS protocol description
  • Updated Function descriptions
  • RTU500 Release 12.4 release notes

Firmware and software download

Please see link section below.

Ordering and delivery information

The new Release 12.4 is available for download in the ABB Library and Partner portal. More information will be provided by the responsible sales manager link or your local ABB sales representative and during the offered webinars.

Kind regards,

Sigbert Reimann, Product Manager, Grid Automation Products