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Flexible connection kits for generator circuit-breakers

The most safe and reliable connection between the generator circuit-breaker (GCB) and the isolated phase busduct (IPB)

Flexible connections provide a detachable (bolted) connection between the GCB life part and the conductor of the adjacent IPB or busduct.

Hitachi Energy's flexible connections are extensively designed and type tested together with the GCB to ensure no harmful stresses are transferred to the GCB during operation while safeguarding dielectric distances.


  • For all type of breakers

Why Hitachi Energy?

Hitachi Energy’s GCB flexible connection kit is…

  • Type tested together with our GCBs
  • Designed for adapting to minimal air clearance distances
  • Silver plated to provide low resistance connection
  • Designed to dismantle current transformers from GCB system

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