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Advanced Services

Today, we offer solutions that range from remote monitoring systems to systems that maximize availability, reliability and security

Cyber security for HVDC

Using internet based communication technologies requires protection against cyber attacks. Viruses, ransomware and other malware have increased the awareness and need for cyber security methods. Cyber security must be addressed continuously, which requires a comprehensive program including human resources with the appropriate skills. 

Cyber security is a key requirement and we are committed to providing products, systems and services that clearly address this issue. We take a systematic approach to cyber security through our operations on a global level. 

Software updates

We offer update packages to bring older installations closer to the functionality we supply in today’s installations. Software updates that improve reliability, add functionality and accessibility, secure spare part availability and increase overall performance. 

Software updates also includes updates to computer operating systems, security, malware detection, or specific updates tailored to the customer needs.

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