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RXTUG - DC/DC converter with regulated dual output voltage

RXTUG 22H is used for auxiliary voltage supply of electronic relay circuits. It is suitable for use where up to 15 W continuous output power is required, e.g. for the supply of protective relays or other automation equipment.

The RXTUG 22 can be powered from any dc voltage source 24 V to 250 V. When redundant power supplies are needed, parallel operated RXTUG 22H may be used with isolating diodes e.g. RTXE.

Main Features:

  • Input voltage 24 - 250 V DC
  • Selectable dual output voltage; 12, 18 and 24 V
  • Galvanically separated inputs and outputs
  • Handles 15 W load continuously, 20 W temporarily
  • LED indicates proper in service operation
  • Output voltage monitored
  • Loss-of-voltage alarmed 

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