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'Fit for purpose' distribution transformers for renewables

Distribution transformers are critical equipment for renewables and Hitachi Energy has the world’s largest installed base of transformers providing more renewable energy than any other supplier. “Fit for purpose” distribution transformers offer application-specific units that have different design features compared to standard distribution transformers.

Hitachi Energy's fit for purpose designs meet OEM manufacturer requirements resulting in significantly reduced lead times and extended transformer life. This helps customers save money and increase reliability by avoiding the over-sizing of their transformers to account for different operating factors used for renewable power. 

Product scope

  • Solar or wind applications
  • Liquid-filled distribution transformers < 10 MVA
  • HV: up to 40.5 kV, system voltage
  • LV: up to 1.2 kV, system voltage
  • Mineral oil or ester fluids (natural or synthetic)
  • Design options with low loss/normal loss combinations
  • ANSI and IEC standards

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy is the leader in transformer technology and experience
  • Fit for purpose operates with different parameters to account for increased harmonic distortion
  • Hitachi Energy incorporates design margins for the DC voltage component which causes additional magnetization of the transformer’s core
  • Fit for purpose accounts for connecting and disconnecting the transformer from the grid creating fast-acting voltage transients that could cause premature transformer failure
  • Hitachi Energy has the widest portfolio of distribution transformers to meet the most challenging requirements

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