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Power Consulting Mockup

We help our customers identify their challenges and recommend tailored solutions for their specific needs.

Power Consulting operates as an independent organization that is product and system-agnostic with deeply embedded knowledge of technologies, standards, and local grid codes worldwide.

Our offering

Grid Modernization & Resilience

  • T&D Planning & Analysis
  • Master Plans Definition
  • Active/new agents Impact (RE,BESS,DER,EV…)

Strategy & Technology Transformation

  • Market Analysis / Regulations
  • Technology Fit Assessment
  • Sustainability Analysis (LCA)

Conceptual Eng. Services & Site Assessments

  • Power Quality Assessment
  • System Design definition (IC, RAM, SC).
  • Control & protection systems evaluation

Digital / AI & Analytics

  • Eq. performance and Operational Data Analysis
  • AI Creation - algorithms
  • Maintenance & Operations Improvements