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75 years of Powering India

In India, we are a company of more than 6,800 energetic individuals who are driven by a shared purpose of advancing a sustainable energy future for all. We have established 19 factories in eight manufacturing locations, common shared services ensuring global services, a fast-expanding India Development Center and a Global Technology and Innovation Center that can execute a thousand engineering projects around the world in a single year.

Today, we have reached a juncture where we are advantageously poised to actively, and significantly, contribute to the urgent energy transition. In India, the journey began soon after the national independence, in 1949, with the formation of Hindustan Electric. Globally, of course, we can trace our roots back to over a century. We are standing on the shoulders of giants – it is a privilege and a reason to celebrate. Therefore, we are launching the celebrations to commemorate 75 years of powering India. It is a moment to cherish for each and every one of us.

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Conference 23-04-2024 - 23-04-2024 Hyderabad, India

Energy and Digital World, Hyderabad

Conference 05-07-2024 - 05-07-2024 Jamshedpur, India

Energy and Digital World, Jamshedpur

Conference 12-07-2024 - 12-07-2024 Pune, India

Energy and Digital World,Pune