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Renewable Insights

Renewable Insights is our modular, turnkey software-as-a-service solution that provides developers with the site-specific capability and functionality of two of Hitachi Energy's most powerful enterprise software solutions:

  • Velocity Suite – collects, cleans, and formats analysis from 3,000 different sources.
  • Reference Case – provides unbiased market intelligence and reliable forecasts.

Hitachi Energy supports additional analysis with proprietary research into potential permits needed in each state, as well as the proposed generation or transmission expected in the area. The tool is designed to enhance the analysis process for any development site.

Hitachi Energy Renewable Insights

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Brochure: Renewable Insights - The connected source for economic risk analysis

Renewable Insights training

1-Greenfield research with price nodes and mapping

2-Finding a specific project site

3-Analyzing interconnection with transmission lines and map layers

4-Historic pricing and basis risk analysis

5-Fundamental price forecasts for financial models

6-Revenue analysis with time of generation profiles

7-Reviewing interconnection queues and permit needs

8-Analyzing wholesale power transactions

9-How to get support

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