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RXMD - Bistable relay

RXMD 1 and RXMD 2 relays are used for general power system latching relay installations. The relays are available for electrical operations only.

The relays are particularly suitable in protection and control circuits. They are well encapsulated and therefor also suitable for use in applications with corrosive or polluted atmosphere. The operating time is short; about 4 ms. The relays have change-over contacts that can be used for making or breaking operation. This makes these configurations universally applicable.

RXMD 1 and RXMD 2 are bistable auxiliary remanence type relays with two windings. The contacts are of the medium duty type. One of the windings is used to operate the contacts into one position, and the other winding resets the contacts back to the first position.

The relay can be continuous energized or pulse operated, which means that the contacts remain in their last position if the supply voltage drops. If one of the coils is energized and then the other coil is energized the relay will remain in the first position.

Main Features:

  • LED indication of activated coil
  • High-speed operation
  • Medium duty contacts
  • Long mechanical life
  • High resistance to shock and vibration
  • Low power consumption 

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