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RADHA (Legacy)

High impedance differential relay

The RADHA high impedance differential relays are suitable as reliable restricted (single-phase) or short-circuit (three-phase) protection for generators, auto transformers, reactors, motors and busbars.

Applications are not limited by CT saturation at internal or external faults since this is considered in the setting formulas. CT's must be dedicated for this application and without turn correction.

Non-linear resistors are used to protect relays from high voltage peaks during CT saturation and internal faults.

The relay is stable against misoperation for external faults even in the event of CT saturation.

Main Features:

  • Secure operation even with saturation CT's
  • Voltage limiting resistors
  • High-speed measuring relay operation 10 - 20 ms
  • Test switch available
  • CT supervision optional

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