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Bushings for DC transformers and reactors

We pioneered the HVDC technology and is the undisputed world leader in the HVDC field. We supply different solutions of all bushing types used in HVDC applications up to 1100 kV DC. The bushings are designed to meet individual customer requirements, for example as replacement of old bushings.

  • DC bushings available for both Line-Commutated Current Source Converter (LCC, HVDC Classic) and Voltage Source Converter (VSC, HVDC Light) solutions.
  • Bushings that comply to all international standards, including IEC 60137, IEEE C57.19.00 and IEC/IEEE 65700-19-03
  • Bushings designed to meet the demands from the system study.
  • Bushings qualified for seismic demands with full shake table tests.
  • Design concepts: oil impregnated, resin impregnated and gas insulated.
  • Bushings available with HTV silicone insulators.

Product scope

  • Wall bushings
  • Transformer bushings
  • Reactor bushings
  • DCCT bushings

Our offering


RIP insulated Gas insulated OIP insulated



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