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APM Edge

APM Edge is an on-premise, standalone asset performance management (APM) software, a subset of the larger Hitachi Energy digital enterprise APM software.

Enabled by the data and intelligence of the TXpert Ecosystem and optimized to enhance the functionality of digital transformers (Hitachi Energy or others), it permits asset owners to leverage their online and offline data to drive more intelligent, risk-based approaches to asset management.

Designed to be a cost-effective digital solution with ease of entry for new and existing transformers, APM Edge supports the transition from time-based to condition-based maintenance operations. This edge-based software offers quick installation and seamless migration from monitoring a single transformer up to having the insight of an entire fleet of various electrical assets.

Why APM Edge

  • In combination with TXpertTM Ecosystem products and services enables smarter decisions based on data driven intelligence
  • Increased transformer reliability by identifying, prioritizing and resolving risks before they materialize
  • Flexible - a quick and simple way to establish a scalable Asset Performance Management solution that grows with you
  • Lowers maintenance costs by reducing ineffective time-based practices and expensive failures
  • Reduces capital expenditures by getting longer economical life out of existing assets
  • Increased efficiency and storage of online and offline data
  • Meets stringent Cybersecurity standards 
APM (asset performance management) Edge software


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Key drivers affecting maintenance strategies

An aging workforce means less on-site skill and experience within operations, maintenance and engineering teams.

Competitive challenges mean a continuing need to improve reliability and customer satisfaction.

Heightened cost and profitability challenges are forcing companies to identify strategies for increasing plant availability while decreasing maintenance spend.

As transformers age, companies are looking for more-effective ways to maintain their aging assets.

As technology advances and components become digitized, maintenance requires higher levels of knowledge and expertise because of increased amounts of data.

Inadequate historical data and past performance visibility increases the direct and indirect costs of unscheduled transformer downtime.

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