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Customer Success Story

NTC* controls six new substations with Hitachi Energy’s highly integrated IEC 61850 SAS

Nanya Technology Corporation (*NTC) utilizes Hitachi Energy’s substation automation systems to achieve:

  • Enhanced monitoring and control of the substation equipment with an optimized solution integrating more than 300 devices including PLCs**, meters, etc.
  • Maximum performance of interoperable system with versatile protection and control IEDs and field-tested functionality
  • Guaranteed system openness for future hardware and functional extension through IEC 61850

The challange

The Nanya group’s own EPC contractor, Nanya Switchgear Unit, builds six turnkey GIS substations for Nanya Technology Corp.’s new Fab3A DRAM fabrication plant. A reliable partner for substation automation is needed to support the project from tender clarification to turnkey implementation. The potential candidate is to supply state-of-the-art protection and control IEDs for the immense number of feeders and integrate these into a station level system with high availability. In addition, 3rd party devices such as meters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), etc. are to be integrated for central monitoring and operation. Dual OPC servers shall provide data links to the Facility Monitoring Control Systems (FMCS).

Our solution

A modern overall concept for the control and monitoring of the six substations including station ancillary equipment has been realized. The IEC 61850 substation automation solutions with fully redundant hot-standby station HMIs and servers provide operators with continuous data and command access both within the stations and from remote via OPC links.

Of the more than 300 devices that have been integrated into the system, 279 are protection and control IEDs of the REx670 and 54x series. Moreover, 3rd party devices have been integrated such as PLCs controlling a generator, D-UPS, DC charger and control room mimic board, as well as meters for internal billing and RTUs for general I/O purposes. Within this turnkey implementation, the project management, design, engineering, testing, installation and commissioning were all handled with great proficiency by Hitachi Energy Taiwan. The commissioning of all six substations was completed according to schedule in December 2007.



Hitachi Energy Taiwan has integrated more than 300 IEDs into the state-of-the-art IEC 61850 substation automation systems featuring the MicroSCADA Pro HMI with new Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • 197 pcs. REX521 bay control unit
  • 66 pcs. REF541 feeder protection unit
  • 13 pcs. RET541 transformer protection unit
  • 3 pcs. REB670 busbar protection unit
  • 3rd party meters, RTUs as well as D-UPS, DC charger, mimic controllers and PLC for generator synchronization control via Modbus resp. RP570

The optimized systems were implemented in the six Fab3A 161/22.8 kV GIS substations that EPC contractor Nanya Switchgear Unit built for the Nanya Technology Corporation and are already in service since December 31st, 2007.

The customer

Nanya Technology Corporation (NTC) conducts R&D, designs, manufactures and sells DRAM* products. The company owns one 8-inch fabrication and strives to utilize DRAM technology for the provision of a first-class memory foundry** service. Its most recent major investment is Fab3A. This is a new semiconductor fabrication plant (fab) to produce 12inch 70nm wafers at the company’s Taishan-based premises with a capacity of 60’000 wafers per month. The high-precision production in clean rooms is fully automated and utilizes a high-quality supply of electricity. Whilst the rooms have to be dampened against vibration, their environment must also be controlled to eliminate dust and thus waste. Furthermore, temperature and humidity need to be kept within narrow bands to minimize electrostatics. Six new 161/22.8kV substations are needed to supply power from the Huilong power plant to the new fab.

Customer statement

“We are operating in a highly dynamic field, where advanced technologies and know-how in products and processes are the keys to growth and success. For our latest fab with six new substations to be built, we also chose a partner that can handle latest technologies such us IEC 61850 and complex projects. Apart from achieving high grid reliability as well as operational efficiency and flexibility, we aimed at optimizing life cycle cost through future-proof SA systems. With its excellent competence and portfolio, Hitachi Energy Taiwan performed solid engineering work and delivered highly integrated systems”, says Dennis Huang, Engineering Design Department of Nanya Technology Corporation.

* Dynamic Random Access Memory
** Fabrication of semiconductor and integrated circuit designs