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How do we control the grids of the future?

Power grids are drastically changing with the increasing adoption of variable-generation renewable sources, be it centralized or distributed. Moreover, the electrical load is also changing, with the penetration of electrical vehicles and electrification of other sectors. And it is not only the characteristics of the new generation and loads that changes, but also their number and location in the grid. All of these changes make the power and energy management of the evolving grids much more challenging.

This increasing complexity for grid operators is widely being recognized and in this panel, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of system operators and technology providers to deal with these changes. Advances in digital technologies (e.g. new data availability, increased data resolution, computing, software deployment), with cybersecurity being a hard given, allows for additional design degrees of freedom to meet these grid challenges.  

Join us to hear from industry experts and discuss with them what are the key aspects of managing the evolving grid from an operator perspective, in the age of rapidly changing technology environment.  

Be part of shaping the future of Grid Control. We are looking forward to having an interesting exchange! 


John Finney

Head of Strategic Marketing and Technology for Grid Automation, Hitachi ABB Power Grids


John heads Strategic Marketing and Technology for Grid Automation in Hitachi Energy. In this role, John shapes the business strategy and portfolio offering for the digital business of Hitachi Energy, combining software, automation, communications and energy storage technologies. John holds Bachelors and PhD Degrees In Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined Hitachi Energy in 1995 and has held a number of senior management positions in general management, product and technology development, business development and R&D during his career with the company.

Ernst Scholtz

Head of Product Management & Digitalization for Service, Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Ernst Scholtz received his B.Eng. and M.Eng. from the University of Pretoria and his Ph.D. from MIT, all in Electrical Engineering with a control and power system focus. He has held various positions in Hitachi Energy R&D and Hitachi-Hitachi Energy, starting out as a scientist in Corporate Research to ultimately running the full portfolio of Hitachi Energy’s Corporate Research organization reporting to the Group CTO before moving to Hitachi Energy Service as Head of Strategy and Portfolio, and most recently taking up responsibility as Head of Product Management for Network Control in Hitachi-Hitachi Energy. Ernst joined Hitachi Energy in 2004 and also spend some time outside of Hitachi Energy working as a senior analyst and trader at EPIC Merchant Energy (now part of EDF Trading) focusing on financial trading in North American deregulated power markets. Ernst's interests are in the areas of systems, control, and finance with a focus on applications in power systems, and industrial processes

Norela Constantinescu

Manager Research & Innovation, with European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)


Manager Research & Innovation with European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) starting from 2014 and working on R&I strategy and projects . She is member of the Governing Board of European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) and cochair of ETIP SNET Working Group Digital and Customer Integration . Previously she worked for 6 years with European Commission DG Energy leading on the Strategic Energy Technology Plan activities, on low carbon technologies and Smart Cities and Communities. She has a long experience in energy sector acquired both in private and public sectors nationally and internationally.

Shri Ghanshyam Prasad

Joint Secretary in Ministry of Power, Government of India

Shri Ghanshyam Prasad is presently working as Joint Secretary in Ministry of Power, Government of India. His present assignment is Reforms and Restructuring (R&R) in Electricity Sector and Operation and Monitoring (OM) of electricity grid. He is responsible for the amendment of the Electricity Act, Tariff Policy, Bidding guidelines for solar and Wind etc. He is also responsible for the smooth operation of the Electricity Grid in the country, activities related to Disaster Management related to power sector and schemes under Power System Development Fund (PSDF). Earlier to this, he worked as Chief Engineer (Distribution) in Central Electricity Authority and Director (Transmission and OM) in Ministry of Power. As CE (Distribution), CEA, he initiated the 1st draft Distribution plan. He has experience in the areas of Power System Operation at Regional Load Despatch Centres, long term generation planning, performance monitoring of all the power stations, monitoring of coal supplies to all the power plants, cross border power trade with neighbouring countries, Distribution etc. 

He also worked as Director (Transmission) in Ministry of power and carried out some of the major reforms as ease of process in commissioning of transmission lines and substations. He has also served for around six years in Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commissions and has looked after various reforms in electricity in India. He is presently also steering the development of power market in the country. He has visited various countries like Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Türkiye, Australia, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Thailand, Singapore, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal on various Electricity sector assignments.

Andreas John

Head of System Operations, 50Hertz Transmission – Elia Group

Andreas John received his Diploma in Electric Power Engineering from the University of Dortmund. He had various positions within the Power System environment, amongst them being Hitachi Energy, Siemens, Swissgrid and 50Hertz. Having lived on both sides - meaning technology providers for a world-wide customer base as well as system operators in Europe – Andreas today is a senior manager who is living on the pulse of Security of Supply. With his experience of in the meantime 11 years in senior positions at European TSOs Andreas knows best what today´s challenges in System Operations look like and has a clear view on how technology should evolve to serve today´s as well as future needs. Today Andreas John is Head of System Operations at 50Hertz Transmission managing already today an infeed share of 60% RES generation inside the 50Hertz Control Area. The company´s target is increase this to 100% within 2032.

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