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Features Jakarta, Indonesia 15-06-2020

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Strong collaboration and leadership results in successful 500kV project energization

Power Grids teams in Indonesia accelerate project completion during COVID-19 crisis

Following the success of energizing the 500 kV substation project in Lengkong on August 2019, the first ever by the ABB Power Grids Indonesia team, Grid Integration and Grid Automation teams once again, worked relentlessly to complete the installation and commissioning of diameter 5 and 6 of the extension projects of 500 kV Bandung Selatan substation. Adding one more feather in its cap!

This state-the-art 500 kV substation in South Bandung has a key role to play, connecting the 500 kV backbone transmission lines from North to Southern Java as part of the State Electricity Company PLN efforts to strengthen and mitigating bottlenecks in the grid and increase its reliability.

Thanks to the superior synergic approach, wherein the two teams put in their respective core competencies to ensure smooth delivery and successful commissioning of the project, despite challenging circumstances due to the COVID-19 crisis and project minor issues.

How we did it:

  • Key ABB Power Grids product were 500 kV Air-Insulated Switchgears, and Substation Automation System (SAS) which included: Control & Protection Panels, Telecommunication systems and MicroSCADA which would help automate and monitor the substations including its protection devices, while also ensuring full integration with existing grid systems;
  • ABB Power Grids’ Certified Project Management, Site Management personnel and HSE officers with the right training and experience, were instrumental to its success;
  • Tireless effort of 80,467 working hours with strong commitment towards ABB’s HSE standards, measures were put in place to ensure project execution with zero LTIs;
  • Strong experience and ability of the team to work in a brownfield project while at the same time implementing ABB’s Life Saving rules and electrical safety measures and preventive actions aimed at minimizing risks;
  • Flexible and quick to changes, accommodating 4 additional variation orders while optimizing time to match customer expectations after a very challenging head start triggered by customer drawing approval and schedule changes;
  • Conducted fast and reliable installation and commissioning prior to the customer’s deadlines;
  • Fast closing and re-opening of site after suspected COVID-19 in the region, while ensuring all Government and COVID-19 related HSE protocols were not breached nor ignored.

The development project has been managed by one of the implementing units of PT PLN (Persero) UIP JBT II, UPP JJBT, 1 and it has expanded to 500 kV GITET in South Bandung which originally was 4 diameters 500 kV to 6 diameters 500 kV.

This extension project, energized on 30 April 2020, comprises of 3 bay lines – Bay line 500 kV New Saguling 1 Future, Bay line 500 kV New Saguling 2 Future, and Bay line 500 kV Depok in 500 kV South Bandung substation. Previously, PT PLN (Persero) Certification Center carried out individual and equipment testing, while also declaring worthy of tension for 24 hours loading experiments.

Kudos to the entire team deserving this recognition for their tireless work ethics and strong commitment to the customer as well as towards HSE.


Frisna Priscilla

Communications Manager

Power Grids Indonesia