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Product Release Baden, Switzerland 07-12-2020

1 min read

Release of Cyber Security Appraisal Templates

We are glad to inform that a collection of documents and templates to support you with Cyber Security Appraisal is now available.

Cyber Security Appraisal is our first step of investigation and recommendations to our customers towards a more complete Cyber Security Assessment of Substation Automation & Communication systems.

In order to support our units in the preparation and execution of Cyber Security Appraisals, a new collection of documents and templates is now available. These documents can be used as they are or adapted to specific market or customer conditions. It is not the intention of the documents to force the scope of processes and services within the Cyber Security Appraisal offering but they shall be used as guiding principle for a better and more harmonized delivery of services throughout our units.

The following templates are available to support the activities:

  • Questionnaire for interview with customer
  • Checklist for cyber security appraisal (e.g. high-level architecture review, firewalls)
  • Asset Inventory table (paperwork with the list of assets)
  • Manual report of cyber security appraisal, including recommendations
  • Auto report from Fingerprint tool as appendix

Read more about how to use these new templates in the full release note.


Luis-Fabiano Santos

Switzerland - Baden
Global Product Manager