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Between the high-voltage wires, and pressurized pipes, of a modern utility, lies a second, equally important, network. Snaking fiber-optic cables connect SCADA systems that monitor and manage the product delivery, but visualizing this second network requires a new breed of management tool – the SDM600.

Protection relays do the vital work of monitoring the delivery network, but ensuring they’re all updated and properly configured has become increasingly burdensome, at least until the SDM600 takes on the job of tracking versions. Using IEC 61850 interfaces the SDM600 software keeps a watchful eye on protection relays so the user can ensure they’re all running the latest software, and to the greatest effect.

SDM600 also talks to relays when collecting, and collating, fault records data. The gathered comtrade files are recorded into short reports for later analysis, while the SDM600 dashboard presents historical reports so we can see what happened and when with unprecedented ease. Authenticating users is another task which has ballooned as management networks grow in complexity, and one which SDM600 takes in its stride. Cyber security is a vital component in modern networks, but fragmented directory policies risk exposing critical vulnerabilities which SDM600 can avoid. With centralized security logging and central account management SDM600 becomes the gatekeeper to the automation network.

Key Features

  • Data management
    Automatically collect, store, and provide evaluation for disturbance recorder files from Hitachi Energy or 3rd party products.
    - Disturbance recorder data management
    - Disturbance recorder data evaluation
  • Cybersecurity management
    Provide centralized user account management and security logging for Hitachi Energy and 3rd party products.
    - Central user account management
    - Central cybersecurity logging
  • Maintenance and service
    Retrieve and manage Service or Maintenance relevant data from Hitachi Energy and 3rd party products.
    - Tracking software and configuration versions
    - Fleetwide management of firmware and configurations for Hitachi Energy RTU500 series

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