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Release of System Data Manager SDM600 Version 1.2 Service Pack 2

We are pleased to announce the release of System Data Manager SDM600 1.2. SP2

Modern utilities run a pair of vital networks - one delivering services to customers, the other monitoring and managing the first one. SDM600 monitors that second network; tracking protection relay software versions, collating disturbance reports, and helping to secure the network against attack.


This Service Pack includes new features and corrections for functional issues in SDM600 1.2. It is recommended to upgrade all existing SDM600 1.2 installations to this Service Pack 2 (SDM600 1.2 SP2) release.

New and enhanced features in 1.2 SP2 (released 05/2018)

  • Official support for Windows Server 2016.
  • UTC Time Offset for devices can be set. Some device implementation are using local time instead of UTC in COMTRADE. To avoid misalignment, an offset from UTC can be defined (default value is 0, which means the time is stored in UTC). SDM600 stores all time information in UTC and displays it according the setting of the Client PC.
  • Support for RTU500 series HMI project file.
  • Project name of RTU500 configuration files is shown.
  • Support for SQL Server 2014 SP2 (and newer) and 2016 SP1 (and newer) database engine. (SDM600 default is still SQL Server 2012). Migration to other than SDM600 default Server is manual work and not described in SDM600 documentation.

General fixes and improvements in 1.2 SP2

  • German translation reviewed and misleading translations have been corrected.
  • The CSV template for importing an SDM600 structure contains better configuration examples.
  • Content of .pdf and .xls exports are synchronized.
  • Security Events tab is automatically refreshed every minute.
  • Configuration import from .csv allows to add IEDs without DR functionality.
  • Certificate expiration email formatting updated.
  • The OR condition in security events mapping is fixed.
  • Reading IEC 61850 version information from valRef and paramRev are corrected.
  • DR trigger time (milliseconds) is rounded and shown properly.
  • Cybersecurity related upgrades of components (open SSL).

For more information, please read the release note.

New and enhanced features in 1.2 SP1 (released 04/2017)

  • The “Disturbance Records“ list can be automatically refreshed every minute to show new COMTRADE files.
  • The “Cybersecurity Events” list can be automatically refreshed every minute to show new Syslog events.
  • The disturbance recorder trigger time includes milliseconds.
  • The daily aggregation of Security Events can be configured in the dashboard. Using the aggregation feature will reduce the loading time in case of many security events.

General fixes and improvements in 1.2 SP1

  • The “Disturbance Records“ list is sorted correctly according the trigger time. It is now based on the actual Date/Time instead of the textual representation.
  • The CSV template for importing an SDM600 structure contains better configuration examples.
  • Disturbance Recorder trigger channel calculation is more robust and will not slow down the whole SDM600 DR functionality in case COMTRADE files contain values outside of the standard.
  • Certificate expiration email message content is cleaned up.
  • Poll cycle setting is moved to “Configuration” -> “General Settings” tab and is applicable also for other applications like Service data retrieval.
  • Switching between different user interface languages (e.g. to the German translation) has been fixed.
  • The agent to collect version information from Windows systems was not starting automatically all the times.
  • SDM600 1.2 is a direct successor of SDM600 1.1 FP1 and is backwards compatible also with earlier versions.

For more information, please read the release note.

SDM600 1.2 (released 02/2017)

New Features

  • Several COMTRADE Files can be opened simultaneously and subsequently merged in Wavewin.
  • DR File retrieval from RTU500 for COMTRADE based files.
  • Software version information can be retrieved from SNMP capable devices and Windows Computers.
  • Configuration and firmware file management for RTU500 (Rel.12 and newer).
  • Launching of native or web based configuration tool for devices.
  • Import SDM600 configuration from .csv file.
  • Rule based Email Notifications.
  • Customizable logon Banner.
  • DR file export supports flexible renaming of original DR Files including COMNAME standard.


  • Support for Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Superior overview in the SDM600 Dashboard.
  • Timewindow handling improved.
  • Support for more devices and SDM600 child systems (limits are documented in the SDM600 factsheet).
  • License usage shown in SDM600 Supervision Tab.
  • NERC-CIP rating can be set per device.
  • All Grids can be exported to Excel and include structure info e.g. the full path to the devicve.
  • Indication when DB size is about to exceed SQL express limits.
  • Dedicated eventlist for configuration changes.
  • Additional email notification options for certificate expiry and statistics.
  • Additional email notification options for statistics (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Commented events are visualized in the dashboard.
  • SDM600 Restore Utility supports creation of backups.
  • Option to backup only SDM600 configuration data.
  • Unknown Security Events mapping - rules handling (selecting target events, deleting multiple rules).
  • New description attribute for user accounts.
  • Support DR file import from nested Windows Folders.
  • Support for COMTRADE 2013.
  • Robustness for COMTRADE file handling for trigger channel and short report generation improved.
  • Extended password policy. Number of failed login attempts to lock the account and lockout duration.
  • Support for CAM/CAL on all network interfaces.

For more information, please read the release note.

Kind regards,

Lorenzo Santoro
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products
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