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The PCIM Europe is the world's leading exhibition and conference for power electronics, intelligent motion, renewable energy, and energy management.

Hitachi Energy papers

Monday, 3 May 2021

Stream 3, Power Modules II

Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of Serial and Parallel Cooling on the Thermal Performance of Power Semiconductor Modules

Lluis Santolaria, Athanasios Mesemanolis, Milad Maleki, Hitachi Energy, CH
15:15 Active Short Circuit Capability of Half-Bridge Power Modules Towards E-Mobility Applications

Antoni Ruiz, Athanasios Mesemanolis, Lluis Santolaria, Milad Maleki, Andreas Baschnagel, Hitachi Energy, CH


Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Stream 1, SiC Devices IV
15:00 High Power Density SiC Power Module for Formula E: Requirement, Design Considerations and Test Results Milad Maleki, Athanasios Mesemanolis, Lluis Santolaria, Antoni Ruiz, Tobias Keller, Hitachi Energy, CH


Wesdnesday, 5 May 2021

Stream 3, System Reliability and Sustainability

Health Management of Power Electronics Systems

Jürgen Schuderer, Chunlei Liu, Antoni Ruiz, Thomas Gloor, Silvan Rehm, Gontran Pâques,
Hitachi Energy, CH; Antony Hilliard, Sarala Naidu, Hitachi Energy, S; Roland Scherwey,
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western, CH

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Stream 1, High Power Silicon Devices
09:35 Second Generation BIGT Chip Advancing the StakPak Platform Boni Boksteen, Daniel Prindle, Franc Dugal, Wolfgang Amadeus Vitale, Evgeny Tsyplakov,
Virgiliu Botan, Gontran Pâques, Hitachi Energy, CH

10 kV RC-IGCT and Fast Recovery Diode: with an Improved Technology Trade-Off Performance

Umamaheswara Reddy Vemulapati, Thomas Stiasny, Chiara Corvasce, Christian Winter,
Tobias Wikström, Hitachi Energy, CH; Christian Winter, Tobias Wikström, Matthias Lüscher, ABB Switzerland, CH


Stream 3, Advanced Si Devices

Rugged LV Trench IGBT with Extreme Stability in Continuous SOA Operation: Next Generation  LV Technology at Hitachi ABB Powergrids

Elizabeth Buitrago, Nick Schneider, Wolfgang Vitale, Gaurav Gupta, Luca DeMichielis, Hitachi Energy, CH

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