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RXMS - High-speed tripping relay

RXMS 1 is particularly suitable as tripping relay due to its extremely short operate time and high dc current contact making capacity. Up to six contacts are available. One version of RXMS 1 is not influenced by capacitive discharges in dc battery systems during earth-faults.

That version has an increased voltage insulation level across open contacts and is used where high disturbance immunity is required. The RTXV voltage control unit may be used to increase operating value above half the battery voltage value.

RXMS 1 is often used in combination with heavy-duty and multi-contact auxiliary relays, e.g. RXME 1, RXME 18 and RXMH 2. This provides high-speed tripping contacts from RXMS 1 and contacts from the slower heavy-duty relays are used in parallel to provide current interrupting capability. This is often used as an accessory to protective relays in a station for secure operation of the included breakers and allows the trip circuit current interruption even if there is a breaker failure.

The RXMS 1 relay is designed for DC supply.

Main Features:

  • 4 ms operating time available
  • Up to six contacts
  • DC operation
  • No contact bounce 

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