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RXZ - Adapter for DIN-rail or direct surface mounting.

An adapter for DIN-rail screw terminal bars is used to mount COMBIFLEX-relays inside the relay cubicle directly onto the screw terminal bars. The bases for terminal bars comprise one RX terminal base, available in four sizes, plus a mounting arrangement consisting of one steel adapter mounting bracket, two, three, or four plastic clamp-fit holders and screws.

Connections are normally made directly to the terminal bases via COMBIFLEX-connections. The adapter can be used without the plastic holders for direct surface mounting on to, e.g. a concrete wall or another surface.

The RXZ adapter variants are as follows:

Type Size No. of seats
RXZ 1 2U6C 1
RXZ 2H 4U6C 2
RXZ 2 2U12C 2
RXZ 4 4U12C 4

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