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Hitachi Energy offers a complete range of non-condenser core bushings for reliably connecting distribution- and power transformers. Our bushings are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and available in several designs that enable a high customization freedom to fit almost all transformer requirements.

Hitachi Energy non-condenser core bushings for power transformers where the design is in conformance to IEC 60137:

  • From 24 up to 72.5 kV and 6300 A
  • Completely oil-, paper-, and porcelain-free dry bushings
  • Suitable for extreme operating conditions down to -60°C
  • Tested and certified for ester oils and other alternative transformer fluids

In addition, Hitachi Energy offers non-condenser core bushings for distribution transformers that are designed in conformance to regional standards (DIN, EN, BS):

  • Porcelain bushings up to 3.6 kV and 6500 A
  • Porcelain bushings up to 52 kV and 8000 A
  • Epoxy resin bushings up to 36 kV and 2500 A

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