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AC bushing type TOB/TOB(2) (72,5 kV - 170 kV 800-3150A)

TOB/TOB(2) is an oil impregnated transformer bushing for oil-air applications, for voltages from 72.5 to 170 kV with a maximum rated current of 3150A.

All models are equipped with a 2 kV test tap and the conductor arrangement can be either of draw lead or solid rod type. The TOB/TOB(2) can be installed with an inclination of up to 30° from the vertical without any special precautions.

Product scope:

  • Voltage: 72.5 - 170 kV
  • Current: 630 - 3150A
  • Technology: Oil impregnated paper (OIP) with porcelain insulator

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